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Offshore Maintenance Contractors and Marine Engineering Company for UK water

“Our experience comes from years of offshore working as a contractor to major UK marine engineering companies. We have also worked as part of dedicated teams of engineers in the Merchant Navy.”

Haystax Engineering offers a range of marine and offshore engineering services. We can deliver engineering procurement advice and equipment installation through to project management and commissioning. Our team has experience in the offshore oil and gas sector as well as smaller scale marine industries and vessel maintenance. Our team carrying out maintenance services tackles any project with a consistent approach to scheduling, safety and service.

Finding the needle in your haystack

Understanding your engineering constraints and needs

Our slogan is “We always find the needle” and that’s vital in an offshore environment.

Whatever maintenance and repairs are needed, you need to know that your offshore maintenance contractor or marine engineering company will get to the root of any problem. You can be sure we will work out the solutions and give you practical advice on how to avoid future problems through proactive preventative maintenance.

That’s what we do.

Abiding by British Marine Code of Practice

Abiding by
British Marine
Code of Practice

Working with a UK marine engineering company like Haystax means that you can be sure we understand the regulatory and safety environment for your workplace. Whether it’s heavy lifting or fine tuning, in dock or offshore, our team has the experience to work safely at all times.

“Safe working is an absolute in any marine environment and we share your priorities. Whether it’s the removal of an old machine and the fitting of its replacement or part of your planned maintenance schedule, we bring the same focus and planning to every job.”

Haystax Engineering gives you the reassurance that you need from your marine contractor.

If you need to know more about how we work, please ask – we’re happy to advise and to talk through your requirements.



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